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After the official visit in China of His Majesty The King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, the Sino-Moroccan cooperation has experienced a historic turning point, which is part of the new Moroccan foreign policy, based on the diversification of international alliances. Moreover, the construction industry, which is a strategic pillar of this tremendous cooperation, has known one of its biggest digital revolutions, through the Virtual Tradeshow BTPExpo3D, which has become a unique and unavoidable prospection channel to reach highly qualified customers. Thus, the event BTPExpo3D, which is one o, the largest national professional tradeshosw in the construction industry, has been highlighting potential business opportunities, smart cities technologies, innovation in materials and equipment, as well as environmentally friendly products and services, during its third consecutive edition, that was scheduled from the 1st  to the 31th of December 2018 under the theme:

"The Smart City of Tangiers, as a Strategic Bridge of the New Silk Road towards Africa."

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